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September 26, 2013  Thu 3:16 AM CT

Dyax rarely sees much option activity, but yesterday one trader made a large bet that the biopharmaceutical firm will rally hard by next spring.

optionMONSTER's Heat Seeker system detected the purchase of 5,000 May 10 calls in less than 2 minutes, led by a single print of 4,728 that went for $0.55. This is a new position, as there was no open interest in the strike before the trade appeared.

These long calls lock in the price where traders can buy the stock for the next eight months no matter how far it might rise. They could be sold earlier at a profit if premiums rise with a rally before then, but the contracts will expire worthless if shares remain below $10 through mid-May 2014. (See our Education section)

DYAX finished yesterday unchanged at $6.06. The drug developer broke out of an extremely tight range in late August and has been climbing ever since.

Leerink Swann raised its price target on Dyax to $7 from $5 last week. The company, a favorite among some hedge funds, focuses on the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Yesterday's call buying made up almost all of the option volume in DYAX, which was 73 times its daily average for the last month. Overall calls outnumbered puts by a bullish 21-to-1 ratio.
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Both break outs and a break downs need to have a couple things happen before it is considered a confirmed break out or break down by technical definition!  The only problem is that in today's market where things move much more quicker than they did just a few years ago, two days could wind up being the majority of the expected movement, if not the whole movement.

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