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September 18, 2013  Wed 8:11 AM CT

Shame on those sellers in Boeing. What were they thinking? That Jim McNerney wouldn't figure out the Dreamliner issues? That they wouldn't come up with a program to get to the suppliers to have them cut their costs and give Boeing a better deal?

What you are seeing right now is both higher earnings coming and a higher multiple on those earnings. Boeing's going to be in the sweet spot in 2014, with costs for each plane dropping as the assembly line works 24/7 to meet the ever-longer line to get more planes.

Think about the JP Morgan upgrade yesterday of the airline business. It's all about the airlines being flush. And while some people think that a separate AMR and US Airways means more orders, I think it is the opposite. You get that deal done, and you have a carrier that must order more and newer planes. logoMeanwhile, if the price of oil doesn't come down--and given that we learned that the Saudis are pumping out everything they can to meet demand--oil isn't coming down. And that is even better for Boeing.

At every step of the way this company's been doubted, most recently when there was a fire on a plane that wasn't even caused by Dreamliner batteries, but the shorts piled in and they are still winding down their positions.

It's always dangerous to come in on top of a stock that's already up $10 in a straight line. Maybe you get a chance tomorrow if FedEx says some negative things. But this one's going higher between here and year end as it is the biggest of the big-caps doing well and that means everyone's got to show ownership in this one.

Random musings: When Bill Stiritz, one of the greatest investors of our time, bought $300 million of Herbalife shares, that was a signal that this one's going higher on a fundamental basis, not just bash-Ackman's-head-in status. Stiritz has done amazing things with all sorts of brands. He is all about making money. He will make big money on this one.

Disclosures: Cramer's charitable trust has no positions in the stocks mentioned.
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