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July 3, 2013  Wed 8:17 AM CT

Can we stop it with the gibberish about Egypt?

The military has played a positive role there historically, and the current government has not been pro-American--whether President Obama likes it or not.

TheStreet.com logoSure, oil is flashing that perhaps the Suez is closed--and I don't like a spike in oil--but it seems almost ludicrous that the market wouldn't like this change. There's been nothing but turmoil in Egypt for months; it just has finally hit the headlines.

What matters to me is this: So many are trying to interpret this market through the Egyptian lens that it becomes a fait accompli, but they shouldn't because there is no definitive link to the market at all.

Let's just say that if you liked a stock that's down but are worried about Egypt, you should use the opportunity to start buying.

It's just not all that cause and effect.
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