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Dear OptionMonster customer,

E*TRADE Financial Corporation has completed the acquisition of OptionMonster Media, LLC. With this transaction, we have made changes to the way customers can access OptionMonster content.

As of February 1, 2017, we no longer offer our content through a paid subscription model. We have transitioned OptionMonster content into E*TRADE’s library of resources, with the goal of offering E*TRADE customers helpful and actionable trading content.

If you are looking for Advantage Point content or have questions about your Advantage Point subscription, please go to www.AdvantagePointService.com or call (855) 637-6534.

If you have questions about your OptionsHouse account or about OptionMonster, please call (877) 598-3190.

We are excited to continue to provide high quality content to E*TRADE and OptionsHouse customers, and hope you come along with us to this content’s new home at E*TRADE. If you’re not a customer already, you can open an account at www.etrade.com.

Thank you for being our customer.

The OptionMonster Team

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