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February 1, 2013






  1.  Did you know Grand Central Terminal (GCT) opened its doors at midnight on February 2, 1913?
  2. Did you know the present GCT was the third station built at 42nd St?
  3. Did you know the construction cost would be $2 billion in inflation adjusted dollars?
  4. Did you know Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, spearheaded an initiative to save GCT from demolition in the 70’s?
  5. Did you know the Vanderbilt family built and owned the station for a time, as part of their New York and Harlem Railroad?
  6. Did you know Andy Warhol held an underground party on the Waldorf platform in 1965?
  7. Did you know the Oyster Bar (a Michael Murphy & Doctor J favorite) has been a Grand Central staple since the terminal’s opening?
  8. Did you know GCT's Park Avenue Tunnel extends 55 blocks underground, from 42nd St to 97th St?
  9. Did you know that so many of the conductors were Irish immigrants that the IRT was colloquially called the “Irish Rapid Transit?”
  10. Did you know that Gene Hackman's (Lex Luther's) lair was located under the terminal in 1978's Superman?
  11. Did you know 93% of GCT commuters are college graduates?
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