DRJ's Blog

May 29, 2015

$VXX Contango bleed on $VIX Sonar Report today

Fri 11:04 AM CT

May 28, 2015

$VXST Summer changes $VIX Sonar Report

Thu 10:50 AM CT

May 27, 2015

The New "Point Break" Movie Due Out This Christmas

Wed 1:32 PM CT

Aug 1x2's on $VIX Sonar Report

Wed 10:50 AM CT

What We're Trading

Wed 7:58 AM CT

KORS - Kors had yet another disappointing earnings and outlook today, shares fall 14% in the pre. ABBV - Announces $5 bln accelerated stock buyback, shares rally 1% in the pre.  DSW - Beat EPS forecasts by 5 cents on inline revenues, then...

May 26, 2015

back from 3 day weekend on $VIX Sonar Report

Tue 10:45 AM CT

Explanation for lack of SHAK options

Tue 10:29 AM CT

Since so many of you have shot us inquiries regarding Shake Shack and options, we thought it useful to quote some of the pertinent standards required for options being listed on an asset.   Do all listed stocks have listed options?By the standards established by the...

May 22, 2015

Want those June 18 calls? PAY UP! on $VIX Sonar Report

Fri 10:43 AM CT

May 21, 2015

250k calls on $VIX Sonar Report

Thu 10:48 AM CT

May 20, 2015

The real $VIX Godfather returns to Sonar Report today

Wed 11:04 AM CT

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