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DRJ's Blog

September 16, 2014

Willie's Views On Scottish Independence

Tue 10:01 AM CT

September 15, 2014

How ILM Animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mon 10:34 AM CT

What I'm Trading

Mon 8:30 AM CT

AAPL - Shares higher by $1.50 on the TradeMONSTER extended hours platform after T reported pre-orders for iPhone 6(s) were the most ever. TAP - Shares up 6% after SAB Miller made a run at Heineken that was called non actionable.  AXP...

September 11, 2014

What I'm Trading

Thu 8:13 AM CT

EOPN - Shares down over 28% on the TradeMONSTER extended hours platform after it issued negative guidance. AAPL - Various reports say Apple is also in talks to bring their newly launched mobile payments to Europe.   FIVE - This is just too...

September 10, 2014

$VXST settles $14.21 last week $9.51 on $VIX Sonar Report

Wed 11:16 AM CT

September 9, 2014

Steady..hold..Sept 18 Scottish independence on $VIX Sonar Report @palmerMX

Tue 10:54 AM CT

September 8, 2014

Sept 18 Scottish independence referendum odds on $VIX Sonar Report

Mon 11:16 AM CT

September 7, 2014

George and Wesley Bryan Trick Golf Shots

Sun 8:18 AM CT

September 5, 2014

All about the 17 line into the Fall on $VIX Sonar Report

Fri 10:54 AM CT

September 4, 2014

Sept roll out to Oct on $VIX Sonar Report today

Thu 10:52 AM CT

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