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November 25, 2014

...but what the incentive on more call stupids" Todays $VIX Sonar Report

Tue 10:51 AM CT

Glad I Put On My Dancing Shoes As DSW Now Up 13 Percent From Entry

Tue 7:19 AM CT

November 24, 2014

Getting short delta on $VIX Sonar Report today

Mon 10:48 AM CT

What We're Trading

Mon 8:03 AM CT

INTC - Barron's says Intel could rally 30% or more in the next two years, shares higher by 1% on the TradeMONSTER extended hours platform. RNA - To be acquired by BioMarin for $17.75/share, but shares are up more than a...

November 21, 2014

Futures only move .15cents on $VIX Sonar Report today hummm

Fri 11:17 AM CT

November 20, 2014

Call stupids again.. only cheaper on $VIX Sonar Report

Thu 10:50 AM CT

November 19, 2014

Nov $VIX settles $14.55..Whats next on Sonar Report

Wed 11:07 AM CT

What We're Trading

Wed 7:59 AM CT

AGIO - Agios shares explode higher on news after the close that AG-120, demonstrated strong clinical responses in a study involving patients with advanced leukemia.EJ - E-House mised EPS forecasts on weaker revenue and lowered guidance, that trifecta of bad...

November 18, 2014

Historically low $VIX straddles on Sonar Report today going into expiration

Tue 12:05 PM CT

What We're Trading

Tue 8:14 AM CT

CST - Shares trading up nearly 4% after beating EPS by $.30, shares of the gas station and convenience goods operator hitting fresh 52-week highs here. JASO - Reported Q3 EPS of $0.21 vs $0.15 estimate and guided Q4 cell and...
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