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Real-Time Commentary

Our live online forum allows you to communicate directly with optionMONSTER analysts during trading hours to make sure you get the questions answered that make the difference in your portfolio. The optionMONSTER team helps you navigate the news of the day while providing added detail to the trade ideas delivered to your email inbox. Our team of analysts are ready to provide news, charts and analysis to make sure you're on the winning side of the trade.


Where other sites are cluttered with redundant and unimportant news, researchLAB is clean and minimalistic. It includes only headlines and data that matter. Secondly, companies are organized thematically so all the news surrounding a particular group or industry is easily consolidated. This provides a single comprehensive view of a stock that could otherwise take hours to discover.

Its unique screening tools also let users detect extremely precise technical setups, and its community allows sharing of ideas and opinions about individual companies and sectors.

Market Action Webinars

There is no other service in the market that delivers the type of content that Market Action brings you. Take the opportunity to join our trading conversation so you can find out how the pros trade. Join lead analyst David Russell's mid-session webinar with live commentary and actionable trade ideas every day at 1:15 ET.

Educational Newsletter

In addition to the trade ideas you receive by signing up for our premium service, we will send out a weekly educational newsletter that is sure to add perspective for novice and intermediate options traders alike. Our goal is to make you the best trader we can by providing options tips and techniques that give you more options to create wealth and protect yourself using specific options strategies.