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For those who prefer fundamental and technical trading, we offer Open Order. Headed by analyst Fahad Khalid, Open Order is intended for less active or less experienced traders.

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70 percent of Fahad's trades win, with an average profit of 14.4 percent per trade.

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Onyx Pharma (ONXX)
Open Order

Trade Alert (4/9/13)

We originally opened April/March 90 call calendar spread for $2.00 on March 8. We continue to like the chart poised for breakout, but uncertain whether breakout will be before April expiration or not. Therefore, we are rolling position out to May.

Making adjustment in ONXX for net zero cost is recommended.

Trade: Bought May 92.5/100 call spread for $2.00.

Update: Closed for $4.50 (125% gain).
Beam Inc. (BEAM)
Open Order

Trade Alert (4/19/13)

Showing expansion actions, growth potential, breakout potential on the chart, and bullish option activity building up for two months, BEAM get all three critical factors that indicate breakout.

We like fundamentals so we like the trade.

Trade: Bought June 65 calls for $1.80.

Update 5/3: Closed for $3.60 (100% gain).
China ETF (FXI)
Open Order

Trade Alert (12/6/12)

Keeping this one short and sweet. Thinking along the same line as EMB, please note that the biggest trade today was buyer of FXI January 39/42 call spread 30,000 times for 56 cents debit. Approx $1.6 million bullish bet on China. Please note that the catalyst here will likely be the set of data coming out on the weekend. On Saturday we are going to get China CPI and PPI. And on Sunday we will get China retail sales numbers.

Trade: Buy January 39/42 call spread for 60 cents debit.

Update 12/31: Close the trade for $1.80 (up 200%).
Netflix (NFLX)
Open Order Pro

Trade Alert (4/9/13)

I am willing to bet that analysts have not yet adjusted their models to revalue Netflix like a new media company, potentially significantly underestimating accelerating future revenue growth. There has been plenty of activity in weekly options as well as technical news showing signs of bullish activity.

I don't recommend selling naked calls or puts, especially on highly volatile stocks like Netflix. Calendar spread with calls is recommended:

Trade: Bought June/April(26)Weekly 200-strike call calendar spread for $3.30.

Update 4/23: Closed for $8.00 (142% gain).
MGM Resorts International (MGM)
Open Order Pro

Trade Alert (4/25/13)

Bullish signals of stronger pricing power and revenue in short term and long term performances yield MGM a core long term position in the portfolio.

MACD is not showing any sign of rolling over and RSI has remained strong. Chances of breakout are high. With a lot of major bulls have been positioning in leap call options in recent months and bullish sign which skew between Implied Volatility and Historic Volatility is negative, breakout of MGM stock is highly anticipated.

Trade: Bought June 13 calls for 70 cents.

Update 5/3: Closed for $2.00 (185% gain).
BHP Billiton (BHP)
Open Order Pro

Trade Alert (5/31/13)

Seeing significant weakness in material stocks, and signs from volume of put spread and puts on BHP, I'd like to initiate bearish trade.

Trade: Bought August 62.5/57.5 put spread for $1.10 debit or less.

Update 6/24: Closed for $3.00 credit or better (172% gain).

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