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Monday, July 25, 2016


Bulls targeting Las Vegas Sands

Mon 9:44 AM CT
2,000 29July 49 calls bought for $0.48 to $0.76 against open interest of 485 contracts.
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Limited gains seen for Gilead Sciences

Mon 9:41 AM CT

4,300 26August 91.50 calls sold for $1.08-$1.09 against no open interest.


Short-term calls bank on pop in Citigroup

Mon 8:22 AM CT

Traders are looking for a rally this week by the financial giant, which released bullish quarterly results on July 15.


Weatherford sees call buying before report

Mon 8:01 AM CT

The oil and gas producer, which has dropped 28 percent in the last three months, is scheduled to release earnings numbers after the close on Wednesday.


Trade buys more time for GameStop rally

Mon 7:47 AM CT

A trader extended a bullish position in the game retailer, which has surged 20 percent just in the last month.


Marriott gest bullish bet ahead of earnings

Mon 7:15 AM CT

A large investor is betting that the hotel operator will rally after announcing quarterly results in the post-market on Wednesday.


Big call selling hits Williams a second day

Mon 6:45 AM CT

Traders were selling calls in the energy-pipeline operator at the end of last week for the second time in recent days.


Upside position is doubled in Foot Locker

Mon 6:14 AM CT

The footwear retailer reported bearish results on May 20 and is scheduled to announce its next earnings numbers in pre-market hours on Aug. 19.

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