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Saturday, April 19, 2014


What's next, the 'Cortisol Index'?

Fri 10:27 AM CT
Most traders believe themselves rational and logical But all of the work done in behavioral economics has exposed our various psychological biases, which tend to hurt us in our investing.
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Options and high-frequency trading

Fri 8:02 AM CT

There has been much talk lately of high-frequency trading and what it means to the markets and retail traders. The big issues and arguments all point in favor of options.


Why you need to understand volatility

Fri 6:43 AM CT

Volatility trading may sound like a complex and obscure strategy, but it is important because every option trade is also a volatility trade, whether intentional or not.


Bulls aren't done in EOG Resources

Thu 12:21 PM CT

The oil driller, which will report earnings on May 5, has been steadily increasing production and hiked its dividend the last time it announced results.


Videocast: Huge straddle in VIX

Thu 11:16 AM CT

Group One's Jamie Tyrrell says one major player is opening the equivalent of a giant straddle in the May VIX contracts.


Large volatility play targets Zoetis

Thu 11:07 AM CT

The company, which develops medicines and vaccines for animals, yesterday fell its lowest price since going public in February 2013.


Midday index, ETF option volumes

Thu 10:44 AM CT

Total option volume is strong at more than 8 million contracts so far today, with some bullish sentiment showing in the big indexes and ETFs, according to optionMONSTER data systems.


Largest option trades in equities

Thu 10:38 AM CT

Nearing the halfway mark in today's session, here are the individual equity names with the most call and put buying on optionMONSTER's ActionTracker data system.


Insmed attracts bullish call spread

Thu 10:15 AM CT

A call ratio spread is looking for a rally in the biopharmaceutical company, which bounced off support on Tuesday at its lowest level since August.


Sharp move seen in regional banks

Thu 9:32 AM CT

A large trader is buying stock and puts to create an overall strategy that is betting on a sharp move higher or lower in the S&P 500 Regional Banking Fund.


Cramer: The new market reality

Thu 8:04 AM CT

All it takes is one breakdown in one space, and all the names in it get hammered. Why? Look no further than the algo traders.


Stocks in range as earnings flow

Thu 7:15 AM CT

This morning's big companies--Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Morgan Stanley, and PepsiCo--are all trading higher after beating estimates.

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