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Friday, July 1, 2016


Vipshop call buyers shopping for rally

Fri 7:16 AM CT
The Chinese discount retailer has declined 16 percent in the last three months, but traders are looking for a rebound.
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Cypress Semi gets vote of confidence

Fri 6:45 AM CT

The chip maker is up 10 percent in the last three months and August put sellers apparently believe that shares will hold their ground.


Puts pile up in Huntington Bancshares

Fri 6:14 AM CT

The Ohio-based lender has dropped 19 percent in the last month, and traders apparently believe that it may fall further in coming months.


Show of support in Whiting Petroleum

Fri 5:47 AM CT

The oil and gas producer has fallen 22 percent in the last month, but traders are betting that the slide may be ending.


Fastenal draws puts ahead of earnings

Fri 5:16 AM CT

The industrial and construction supplier, which is down 11 percent in the last three months, is scheduled to announce quarterly results on July 12.


WhiteWave Foods attracts upside bets

Thu 1:37 PM CT

The packaged-food and beverage company is up 11 percent in the last three months, and traders are looking for the uptrend to continue.


What's behind put buying in AutoNation

Thu 11:23 AM CT

Traders are positioning for downside potential in the car retailer, which is down 6 percent in the last month.


Conn's call buyers look for turnaround

Thu 10:17 AM CT

The home-furnishings and consumer-electronics retailer reported bearish results on June 2 and has plummeted 40 percent in the last three months.

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