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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Heavy put buying aimed at Caterpillar

Wed 9:16 AM CT The construction-equipment manufacturer is down after missing quarterly revenue estimates and cutting guidance yesterday morning. Read on »


Short-term calls target upside in Teva

Wed 8:22 AM CT

The drug maker has plunged 20 percent in the last three months, but traders are looking for a bounce in the next few days.


Halliburton faces large downside play

Wed 8:02 AM CT

The oil-services company has surged 15 percent just in the last month, but a huge trade is positioning for a possible pullback.


What's behind calls in LyondellBasell

Wed 7:47 AM CT

The chemical company announces quarterly results next week, and one trader is looking for the stock to gain by Thanksgiving.


Bulls bet on gains in Ciena this week

Wed 7:16 AM CT

Short-term calls call buyers are looking for a quick pop in the networking-technology company, which has dropped 10 percent in the last month.


April calls look for rebound in Masco

Wed 6:45 AM CT

The manufacturer of faucets, cabinets, and paint fell sharply on poor earnings yesterday, but one investor is counting on a comeback.


Call selling sees ceiling in Huntsman

Wed 6:14 AM CT

The chemical producer has rallied 7 percent in the last month, but one trader apparently believes that further gains will be limited.


Is Cognizant heading for comeback?

Wed 5:47 AM CT

At least one trader is positioning for a rebound in the IT-consulting service, which has dropped 14 percent in the last three months.


Puts showing caution in AstraZeneca

Wed 5:16 AM CT

The drug developer has fallen 11 percent just in the last month, and traders apparently believe that the downtrend may continue.


Short-term bulls bet on MGM Resorts

Tue 12:40 PM CT

The casino operator is up 9 percent in the last three months, and traders are looking for the bullish momentum to continue this week.


Put buyers are targeting U.S. Bancorp

Tue 11:04 AM CT

The financial firm reported bullish quarterly results on Oct. 19 and is up 5 percent in the last three months, but traders are positioning for a possible drop.

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